19 Local Councils in Northern Ireland are now using Te-Gov software…

Te-Gov, Tascomi’s innovative suite of web-based software applications for Local Councils has been designed and developed in partnership with Local Government to effectively manage a range of services including:

  • Building Control
  • Environmental Health
  • Dog Licensing
  • Licensing of Premises
  • Technical Services
  • Leisure Services
  • GIS Mapping and reporting
  • Procurement

The success of Te-Gov can be mainly attributed to word of mouth within the NI Council community – and it is a true testament to Tascomi that our first customers are still using Te-Gov.

At Tascomi we do not stand still however; and because of the Open Source nature of our products as well as the innovative techniques used to develop Te-Gov, that it continues to evolve and grow at a pace dictated by both the individual needs of our customers and by the Local Government market in which we operate.

Not only is Te-Gov helping to revolutionise NI Local Government services, but Tascomi are also revolutionising the software pricing model in NI.  Traditionally, Public Sector organisations have paid over the odds for software which needs to be regularly upgraded at additional cost for a lengthy period of time.  With Tascomi, you pay one annual fee for the maintenance and support of your software – forever.  This includes any modifications or enhancements needed to ensure the product continues to meet your current and future requirements – at no additional cost!

For further information on our Te-Gov solutions email moc.imocsatnull@selas