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Omagh District Council was a local council in Northern Ireland. It merged with Fermanagh District Council in April 2015 under local government reorganisation to become Fermanagh and Omagh District Council.


It’s great to get positive feedback from our customers and incredibly rewarding to know that our hard work is genuinely making a difference to someone’s day and on a bigger scale – helping to save money for Local Authorities and citizens.

Speaking with Omagh District Council, Senior Licencing Officer, Gerry Donnelly was a real encouragement for us and we were pleased to learn that our licensing software package, Tascomi Licensing, transformed the inspection and administration process for Gerry and his team.

Work Smart, Work Mobile

When visiting various premises for inspections, leaving files and paperwork at the office, and instead using an iPad to access and record all information in Tascomi Licensing, is a great help and time-saver for the Licensing Team in Omagh.

We are very pleased with Tascomi’s system; we find it very easy to use, easy to update records and extract reports. Support from Tascomi is fantastic and the guys have been incredibly helpful, making technical issues and jargon easy to understand. This and the ongoing willingness to help when required is appreciated.

Gerry Donnelly, Omagh District Council, Senior Licencing Officer

Gerry commented on the usefulness of Tascomi Customer Workshops – a great idea and the use of collaborative software tools really help to keep up us to date and involved in product developments.

Overall he found Tascomi; approachable, open, and brilliant to work with. Importantly there are no hidden costs with Tascomi Software and no need for unnecessary and costly add-ons.

Gerry Donnelly, Omagh District Council, Senior Licencing Officer; “I would recommend this company wholeheartedly and look forward to working with them in the future.”

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