How exactly can Local Authorities save from offering Online Services to citizens?

A recent report called “Local Digital Today” from UKAuthority – – suggested that 40% of Local Authorities are yet to save money from the use of digital tools to deliver service and savings. This got us thinking about how our Customers avail of our Online Portal to offer a range of services to their consituents, and how the figures add up.

In the last year:

  • One Local Authority has received 153 Building Notice and Regularisation applications through their Online Portal.
  • Another Authority has issued 2,690 Dog Licences which were applied for through their Online Portal.  This was 43% of their total licences issued that year, generating an approximate saving of £3,083.57 in Administration time.
  • Another Local Authority has received 133 Property Certificate applications through their Online Portal, with a location map attached electronically – roughly 20% of their applications.

The savings generated from the adoption of this new channel can be examined by looking solely at the reduction in administration time.  As the data has been electronically captured on the Online Portal, we have a seamless process to transfer this through into the correct back-office system, whether it be Te-Build for Building Control applications, Te-Dogs for Dog Licences or Te-Care for general purchases such as bin sales.

For example, we’ve calculated a 90% reduction in administration time for processing a Dog Licence application which has been submitted online, a significant reduction when tallied up for a full year or across multiple Local Government Services.

The Online Portal enables Local Authorities to offer citizens 24/7 online services and to take online payments with a minimum of effort and fuss.

Local Authorities such as Coleraine Borough Council, have seen that improving customer service and access through use of the Online Portal provides enormous benefit to citizens and to the organisation, including decreased stationery and postage costs, reduced administrative time spent on data entry and payment processing, as well as improved turnaround times and levels of service.

Valerie Shields, Business Support and Adminstration Manager at the Council said ‘ Implementing Tascomi’s online portal was a crucial business decision for us, as we endeavour to streamline our service to citizens and reduce costs. With more services to be offered online in the near future, we are fully confident of the improvements in service delivery which shall be achieved.’

It’s great to see that many Local Authorities are now moving to use such services, and with 65% of Local Authorities in Northern Ireland signed up to use our Online Portal, we look forward to expanding on the range of services available in the very near future.