Tascomi are delighted to announce that Liverpool City Council have awarded a contract for the procurement of their innovative Tascomi Built Environment solution. Designed in collaboration with Local Authorities and taking a completely modern approach to the Built Environment service area, the solution will revolutionise the Development Management departments within Liverpool City Council.

This is a significant step forward as the adoption of this entirely cloud-based software solution will not only assist the Council in tracking, managing and reporting progress throughout the Planning process, it will also enable them to improve customer service and deliver this important core service much more efficiently. 

Steve Holcroft, Business Development Manager, Building Control, commented;

“The Tascomi Built Environment solution was attractive to us as it is fully web-based and accessible on any device, empowering our Officers to work freely regardless of location or proximity to the office. The adoption of the Tascomi system will help our Council reduce the burden of administrative tasks, reduce the use of paper, promote smarter working methods, drastically improve communications with customers, whilst enabling us to provide modern and flexible services to our customers.”

In this increasingly digital age, customers have the expectation to be able to complete tasks and receive services online. The Tascomi Built Environment solution allows Councils to fully embrace this modern way of working through the provision of a fully integrated Online Customer Portal. The ability to work anywhere, at any time, and on any device with a Tascomi solution empowers staff to work more efficiently, increasing everyone’s satisfaction and generating overall cost savings in the process.

Leave behind manual paper forms and save both time and money with automated online services. It is no longer a matter of “if” a Council should upgrade to a fully mobile, cloud-based solution, but “when”.


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