The Mobile Academy Belfast is an innovative part-time learning course for professionals in Northern Ireland. Created in 2012 by University College London and Mobile Monday London, the Mobile Academy has seen participants sent by their employer to bring mobile and entrepreneurial knowledge back to their teams, or decide to invest in their own future and come independently.

The Mobile Academy

It is a practical CPD programme that focuses on design, technology & business for the mobile ecosystem, intended specifically to address the challenges of learning a very rapidly changing subject. Mobile Monday Belfast and Ulster University’s School of Computing & Mathematics have licensed this programme for the first time ever, and have offered it to professionals in NI keen to understand and be part of the mobile ecosystem, hatch a new business or product idea, bring mobile know-how into their organisation, or move their career onwards.

The Mobile Academy Belfast also welcome ‘in-between jobs’ or self-employed participants, working as freelancers or as small agencies, to benefit from the connections made over the five days during five weeks of the course, while updating their mobile knowledge in a structured, pedagogic structure hosted by Ulster University in the Belfast campus.

Tascomi Software Developer Aimi Forgan is participating in the course with The Mobile Academy Belfast. She recently took a little time out to share how she came to get involved and what she hopes to learn.

Aimi, “I became involved with Mobile Monday Belfast after attending a talk in Belfast centered on UX Design. Through this course I am really hoping to expand my knowledge on the ‘user journey’ and how design can be used to enhance the end user experience. I hope that it will enable me to build upon my current contribution to our existing products and also future products with new knowledge and greater understanding.”

The Mobile Academy is a collaborative learning environment, where everybody shares their own experience and learns from peers as much as from our vastly experienced 20 tutors from. Tutors are practitioners and sector professionals with a huge experience in the mobile eco-system, as well as subject matter expert lecturers of Ulster University. The Academy will run each Wednesday from 27th April until 25th May.

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