During November 2009, Newry and Mourne District Council successfully implemented Tascomi’s Te-Licence application.  That now means that 6 Local Authorities are reaping the benefits of our comprehensive Licensing System. This innovative, web-based product enables the Council’s Licensing Officers to maintain electronic records of the various licensing areas covered by the Local Authorities in Northern Ireland, including:

  • Entertainment Licences
  • Petroleum Licences
  • Amusement Permits
  • Street Trading Permits
  • Marriage Licences

Through the use of Te-Licence, Officers in Newry and Mourne District Council can view and update live information related to the licence in question – for example, Inspection Records, Documentation details, and Consultation Reports.  Te-Licence also allows for batch printing of Licence and Reminder letters – greatly reducing administration time spent throughout the licensing process.