PwC UK has launched a new series of SCALE programmes aimed at fostering innovation and linking fast-growth scale-ups with large organisations across the fintech, commerce, health and govtech sectors.

Tascomi, an innovative Software Development company that is passionate about delivering innovation and transformation across the Public Sector with a specialism in Cloud solutions, is one of 12 scale-ups selected to take part in the PwC SCALE GovTech programme.

Launching in April 2018, SCALE GovTech is aimed at fostering innovation and connecting fast-growth start-ups with senior public sector leaders, with 12 weeks of targeted showcase and investment events in front of a curated audience of public and private sector executives, investors, journalists and senior PwC partners and clients.

Richard Martin, Managing Director at Tascomi, commented: “We are very pleased to take part in PwC’s SCALE GovTech programme. By combining PwC’s expertise in developing the most effective and productive engagement structures for those who are working to build a stronger, more innovative public service, with Tascomi’s vision for improved service efficiencies through the delivery of modern technologies, we can define exciting new opportunities for digital led transformation in the public sector.”

Past programmes indicate high success rates, with previous participants raising £60m in equity upon joining, and up to a further £20 million. A core element of the programme is creating useful connections with potential customers, industry decision makers, investors and leading experts, and past participants were introduced to over 500 relevant stakeholders and over 70 pilots were enabled.

Nigel Howlett, UK digital private business leader at PwC, said: “We recognise that the primary needs of scale-ups are to access new customers and gain further investment. In our SCALE programmes we help businesses become fit for scaling, then open the doors to our network, facilitating introductions and funding opportunities.”

These connections are mutually beneficial, supporting start-ups at a critical stage of development, and allowing large organisations to invest in innovation.

“We’re bringing fast-growing and ambitious scale-ups from all over together with the world’s biggest brands, in an environment that allows both sides to learn from each other and build commercial opportunities. Interest is extending beyond the UK and we’re seeing increased collaboration from overseas, both from our global PwC network, scale-up applicants and programme partners”, Howlett concluded.

Start-ups and micro-businesses are becoming of increasing importance to the UK economy. There are around 5.3 million micro-businesses with less than 10 employees in the UK, which makes up 96% of all businesses. These businesses will play a critical role in the UK’s economy post-Brexit, and PwC aims to provide support for them to grow and thrive.

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