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Tascomi’s Building Control Solution is an entirely web-based software system that enables officers and business support to track and manage all aspects of the Building Control process.

As an entirely self-contained mobile solution, Tascomi Building Control allows authorised users to access the system remotely, ensuring that the same functionality is available to all users independent of their location. 

Tascomi’s Building Control Inspections app supports this functionality. The standalone mobile app is fully integrated with the Tascomi back office solution allowing for benefits including offline working, automatic syncing, customer text messaging capability and much more.

Developed entirely on open source technology, it does not require any third party licensed product. There are therefore no additional third party costs and there is no ambiguity regarding the ownership or support of the product. 

The solution has been designed by working in close collaboration with local authorities, approved inspectors, professional bodies and statutory organisations to ensure that it meets legislative requirements, together with supporting efficient and streamlined business processes.

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Inspections App


Fully integrated Building Control Inspections app supporting full mobile working with Google maps integration and offline capability.


Online Services


Online Applications through a dedicated portal including realtime tracking and register. Alternatively, integrate with national Portals


Cloud Based


Hosted by Tascomi and delivered via a private cloud - let us worry about security and infrastructure


building control applications are managed
with Tascomi Building Control tools


Reduction in Administration Costs
with native Mobile Working

There are no third parties involved in managing our data – it is all contained within Tascomi’s Private Cloud, and as they are ISO 27001 accredited, I know we are in safe hands. The last thing we want is for our data to be held within a third party Cloud, with whom we don’t have a direct relationship.

Gareth Roberts, Built Environment Manager, Denbighshire County Council

Core Elements

  • Address Database updated from the corporate LLPG
  • Central Contacts Database to build a contact history
  • Alerts that can be tagged to addresses, people and records
  • Automated Document production and storage
  • Integrated GIS providing access to corporate layers
  • Complex Reporting fully integrated for the end user
  • KPI Dashboards as standard
  • Statutory Returns and standard reports
  • Search Screens with export capability
  • Online Application Submission
  • Online Inspection Request Facility
  • Remote and Mobile Working as standard, on and offline
  • Full Audit Trail of all new records and changes
  • Diary Management
  • System Administration
  • Competent Persons Scheme
  • Fee Calculator
  • Invoice Generation
  • Plan Assessment module
  • Inspection module
  • Time recording
  • Automatic cost calculation and monitoring
  • Enforcements
  • Complaints

360˚ Reporting

Operational and executive reporting tools including audit trails to promote accountability and more informed decisions.

Real Time Information

Work in the field with the solution and enjoy accurate, up-to-date information about the application

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Proven user-friendly design with intuitive functionality resulting in greater job satisfaction and efficiency

Industry Leading Security

Top grade data encryption and staggered staff access levels

Legislation Aware

By working in partnership we ensure all solutions are continually kept in line with legislation at no extra cost

We’ve always looked, with our systems, to work from our customers perspectives backwards and what we found with Tascomi is that they’ve always worked collaboratively with us and looked at new ideas. Nothing can’t be delivered, it’s just how it can be delivered. We want to remain at the forefront of building control delivery and Tascomi gives us that.

Janine Boughton, Managing Director, STG Building Control

Licensing Building Control Tools

Regular software companies charge for extras on top of your regular subscription. With Tascomi’s all inclusive contract, the pricing policy is consistent (no nasty upgrade spikes).

Licensing Building Control Tools

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