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Tascomi Built Environment is an entirely cloud-based software solution which covers the following functional areas;

Designed alongside Council staff, Professional Bodies and Statutory Organisations, Tascomi Built Environment enables organisations to track, manage and report on all aspects of the Building Control, Land Charges and Planning process.

Tascomi Built Environment is mobile by default, running on any device that has a web browser, including; Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, with no requirement for mobile extensions or third party licences.

Tascomi Built Environment contains a number of complimentary modules, which can be combined, or utilised individually, in order to provide a fully comprehensive solution.


Digital Transformation


Tascomi is dedicated to revolutionising Local Government with our innovative Software Solutions.


Simple & Secure Cloud Computing


We have over ten years experience creating modern, cloud-based software for Government departments.


Bring Local Services Online


Break free of manual paper forms and save time and money with automated online services.


Reduction in Accommodation with Tascomi Built Environment


Reduction in Administration with Tascomi Built Environment

Tascomi Built Environment is going to be a significant step forward for us, enabling us to compete much more effectively in the market. The Building Control team also need to become more agile and to communicate digitally with our customers, in order to maintain the high levels of service we provide.

Gareth Roberts, Built Environment Manager, Denbighshire County Council

Core Features

The following features are included within the standard Tascomi Built Environment Software package, and are designed to meet the requirements of flexible Building Control and Planning Services:

Planning: https://www.tascomi.com/solution/planning/

Building Control: https://www.tascomi.com/solution/building-control/

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Proven User-Friendly Design with intuitive Features and Functionality resulting in greater Job Satisfaction

Real Time Information

Work in the field with our Mobile Solution and enjoy Accurate, Up-To-Date Information about the application

360˚ Reporting

Operational and Management Reporting Tools including Audit Trails to promote Accountability and more informed Decision Making

Industry Leading Security

Top Grade Data Encryption and Staggered Staff Access Levels

You’re in Control

Increased visibility of end-to-end processes for all staff, improving internal communication and collaboration

Legislation Aware

We ensure that all our Software Solutions are continuously kept in line with the latest Legislation at No Extra Cost

We’ve always looked, with our systems, to work from our customers perspectives backwards and what we found with Tascomi is that they’ve always worked collaboratively with us and looked at new ideas. Nothing can’t be delivered, it’s just how it can be delivered. We want to remain at the forefront of building control delivery and Tascomi gives us that.

Janine Boughton, Managing Director, STG Building Control

Licensing of Tascomi Built Environment

Regular software companies charge for extras on top of your annual subscription. With Tascomi’s all inclusive contract, the pricing policy is consistent (with no third party add-ons or extensions).

Licensing of Tascomi Built Environment

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