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Council Direct is an innovative online services portal that enables citizens to easily access the online services of their Local Authority.

Council Direct integrates seamlessly with Local Authority websites and enables online Licensing applications, Building Control applications, Inspection Requests, Service Requests, Planning Consultation and Public Access and Payment Services. Council Direct has direct integration with Tascomi back-office systems, allowing all online data to be transferred seamlessly into the correct system to be processed.

With secure sign-in, Council Direct is one central hub that allows citizens to keep track of all licences and applications that they have previously applied for and also enables them to check the status of any pending licences/applications that they have submitted.

Council Direct offers improved customer service and access for citizens and provides enormous benefits to Local Authorities, including decreased stationery and postage costs, reduced administrative time spent on data entry and payment processing, as well as improved turnaround times and overall levels of service.


Responsive Design


Provides an optimal viewing and interaction experience across a wide range of devices (from desktop computers to mobile phones)


Online Services


Opens new communication channels with customers to improve turnaround times and overall levels of service


Secure Sign-In


Secure user accounts enable citizens to securely record and track all licences and applications they have submitted to their Local Council

Council Direct brings significant savings for Local Authorities, which is important, particularly at this difficult time economically and with the potential for further online services remaining huge. We are delighted that so many of our customers are deploying this innovative, yet fundamental, software and we will always ensure that Tascomi are at the forefront of enabling online services for their citizens.

Richard Martin, Managing Director, Tascomi Ltd

Annual Licensing of Council Direct

Regular software companies charge for extras on top of your annual subscription. With Tascomi’s all inclusive contract, the pricing policy is consistent, with no nasty upgrade spikes.

Annual Licensing of Council Direct

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