December 2016 marked the second year for Tascomi donating to storehouse. The opportunity to give to those who are in less fortunate circumstances should never be turned down. We are very proud to support such a worthwhile cause at what can be a very difficult time of the year. This year we made use of the incredibly well-organised Storehouse drop off points, leaving off our donation at the Trinity Methodist Church in Lisburn. 


Christmas is as always a particularly busy time of the year. This year Storehouse invited members of the public down to help in the Storehouse Warehouse, to get involved in packing the Christmas Hampers. Also during the festive season Storehouse was running training evenings for members of the public to come and receive information about Storehouse, the vision and some basic training. These evenings are run in an effort to show how easy it is to be involved in Storehouse and how accessible it is for anyone interested in being involved.

For the second year in a row, we have collected for the number of weeks leading up to Christmas. Our ever expanding team made an overwhelming effort to bring in as many food items as possible. In November when organising the food collection Storehouse provided a  “Shopping List” of items for those who were planning to donate. The Shopping List shows which food items were most useful and in highest demand. 

It is so incredibly important to continue to support our local organisations at home. The work Storehouse carries out is irreplaceable. Without an organisation like Storehouse the level of poverty and adversity for those who are vulnerable would be at an unbearable level in Northern Ireland. That is the reason why we show our support so Storehouse can continue with the incredible work they do.

Find out more about Storehouse Belfast and the work they carry out.