Tascomi, Hillsborough-based software provider, recorded another successful year with 20 new systems installed in Northern Ireland in 2011.

These included 7 Dog Licensing systems alone, as well as systems for Environmental Health, Building Control, customer care and leisure services in Councils. The Tascomi Online Portal, enabling citizens to transact and interact directly online with their Councils has been an innovative step forward, increasingly adopted by Councils to serve their citizens better. Tascomi systems can now be found delivering services in 23 of the 26 Councils in Northern Ireland.

“Naturally we are delighted with the progress Tascomi has made in the last year, despite the financial pressures around”, said Tascomi Managing Director, Richard Martin, “This has been entirely due to our efficient, web-based systems and cost effective managed services”.

Tascomi is not, of course, resting on its laurels. There are still Councils in Northern Ireland who could benefit from efficient systems. The incoming year will also see increased concentration in the Council market for systems in the rest of the United Kingdom and in the Republic of Ireland.