Tascomi believe in investing in placement students. For us, placements are a great opportunity for students to gain career-related experience, explore work in a realistic setting, enhance the connection between academic theory and work and develop a professional network.

We have been providing Software Development placements for the past five years, however, in 2015 we expanded on this with the introduction of two new business related placements; Marketing Assistant and Project Management Assistant.

placement collage

 A few of this years current placement students.

Why Induction is Important and What We Cover

Getting the induction process right can help get new employees up to speed and working productively as quickly as possible. We have experienced first-hand the benefits of having a comprehensive and structured induction process and recognise that as an employer, our staff are our most important asset – this is something we try and convey within our induction process!

Although we like to keep things fun and informal, we also make sure that our inductions are properly planned and consistently delivered, as it is an important opportunity to inform and familiarise new recruits with company information, in a way that doesn’t overwhelm or distract them from getting to grips with their new job.

The Tascomi induction process covers our company structure, our people, products and processes, as well as the terms and conditions of employment, company policies and procedures and employee benefits. Current placement Marketing Assistant, Victoria Boyle, from Ulster University, commented on the Tascomi induction process, “It really helped me to settle in and feel at ease and there were endless opportunities to ask questions or for guidance on anything I felt unsure about.”

How We Support Placement Students

Tascomi have adopted the “mentor system”, wherein each new student is assigned an experienced employee who is responsible for ensuring that they can settle in quickly and feel both at home and at ease in their new role! Mentors are there to answer practical questions and deal with any initial problems which may arise; in an informal way. It is the mentor’s responsibility to ensure that new students are set up with their own office space and equipment, as well as introducing them to their new colleagues.

Mentors will contact new students with helpful hints and tips before their first day, such as parking options, the best places to eat, how to access the building and the company dress code; all those queries a new employee often has, but is unsure about asking!

How We Monitor, Assess and Provide Feedback to Placement Students

Tascomi is an environment in which placement students have the opportunity to actively contribute to their individual learning. Rather than being passive receivers of information, our students are actively encouraged to interact and work alongside our existing staff, which correlates with the setting of employment targets and challenges throughout the placement year.

Although we like to keep our monitoring and assessment process as informal as we can, it is vitally important to ensure that students are getting the most out of their placement year, and in turn that we as an employer are getting back what we put in. Each student will have their own one-to-one mentoring throughout the year, particularly during their first few months. Mentors will assign tasks and challenges to the student, allowing them to work towards deadlines and have an opportunity to display their progress and gain feedback. Every six months a meeting is scheduled between mentor and student, where they can discuss the work they have been carrying out, their progress and set goals for the future.

We believe industrial placements provide an unmissable opportunity for students to develop both personally and professionally. A placement year at Tascomi enables a hands on experience for University Students to grasp the atmosphere and pace of a professional environment, whilst linking their academic studies and theory to industrial practice.

Tascomi are looking forward to welcoming four new placement students to the team in June 2016!