At Tascomi we are passionate about helping young people in schools and universities across Northern Ireland to realise the prospects associated with a career in IT.

Every year we provide opportunities for Software Development students to join Tascomi for a one-year placement, to give them a first hand experience of working within the IT Sector.

Six Months into his placement year, Alan Montgomery from Queens University Belfast is now at the halfway mark of his time with Tascomi. We asked him how he has benefitted from the experience so far;

“I’ve found my placement with Tascomi to be one of the best opportunities I have been given, not only for my future career, but also for my education. The experience of working in a real software development team and putting into practice the theory I have learned from university has proved to be invaluable. I’m constantly learning new skills and gaining knowledge every day which will benefit my career in the future and help me in the last year of my degree.”

In 2015 we are expanding the number of student placement opportunities that we offer to include roles within both our Marketing and Project Management teams.

Tascomi’s Business Development Manager Niall Adams explains; “We’re hoping that by offering a more diverse selection of roles for students, that it will emphasise the variety of opportunities available within the IT sector. For Tascomi, creativity and business acumen are as vital to our success as technical expertise and that’s something we are keen to highlight to young people who are taking steps towards deciding their future careers.”

This year we worked alongside Lisburn’s Wallace High School, providing material for their after-school Coder Dojo – a computer coding club for students. This allowed Tascomi Software Developer Phil Hutchinson to take charge of a 4 week ‘Drone Academy’, which entailed introducing Wallace students to the concept of running programs and scripts on an aerial drone.


Wallace High School’s new Parrot AR Drone

Tascomi donated the drone to Wallace High School in a continuing effort to highlight the importance of using unique methods of engaging students in IT.

In 2014 Tascomi were delighted to announce a new initiative with a local primary school, Pond Park PS, Lisburn. We are very aware of the vital importance for children to become familiar with how software programmes are built, at an early stage of their educational journey.

Tascomi’s Managing Director Richard Martin commented:

“We are confident that the knowledge that our developers share will help sow the seeds of inspiration in the nine year olds at Pond Park and hopefully ignite keen interests that can be rewarded with jobs in their local economy in years to come.”

Geoffrey Cherry, Principal of Pond Park Primary School said;

“It’s fantastic to welcome Tascomi to Pond Park – we are great champions of mentoring in this school and to have our children receive such expert direction from the IT industry is a brilliant opportunity for them. IT and particularly coding are now, without any doubt, a key component of our children’s education, and essential to equip them to take their place in our changing economy.”


Sam Mayes, P5 pupil Pond Park Primary School shows his programming skills to John O’Dowd MLA, NI Minister of Education, Richard Martin, M.D. Tascomi Ltd and Geoffery Cherry, Principal of Pond Park Primary School