Tascomi, the Hillsborough-based software provider, has supplied their Dog Licensing system to five Councils in Northern Ireland in the last few months. Now 16 councils out of 26 are successfully operating the system. Tascomi’s updating of Dog Licensing software to meet legislation changes in October, has directly led to the company scooping these further Dog Licensing systems for Councils.

“The 11 councils who already had our Dog Licensing system, had theirs updated free and on time to meet the legislation. Clearly news of that success has stimulated other Councils to come on board”, said Tascomi Managing Director, Richard Martin, “We are more than pleased by the Local Government show of confidence in buying our Dog Licensing product”.

The Tascomi Dog Licensing system allows Councils to issue and renew dog licences quickly and efficiently and provide up to date information for Dog Wardens. Used with the Tascomi Online Portal, Dog Licensing has moved into the realm of online citizen services in two Councils in Northern Ireland, with five more to follow. This allows citizens to apply for, renew and pay for dog licences online without the need to call into a Council office in many areas. The potential for further online services remains huge and Tascomi are at the forefront of enabling online services for citizens.