Tascomi software is ensuring that over 50% of Northern Ireland’s local authorities are at the forefront of delivering online services to citizens, meeting key objectives announced in the Government Digital Strategy, and making savings of an incredible 98% in citizen transaction costs, as outlined in a BBC article this week.

“If just half an hour were saved by digitising every transaction currently completed offline,” the document stated, “the total savings to the economy could therefore be around £1.8bn.”

Tascomi, recognising that services provided online were increasingly at the heart of customer service for many organisations, developed an easy to access Online Portal that fits seamlessly into local authorites’ websites, enabling online services, including payment services, with ease.

All other Tascomi systems integrate with the Online Portal, thus enabling, for instance, online dog licencing, online bin ordering, online Building Control services, online licence applications and online leisure bookings. The Online Portal enables organisations to offer customers 24/7 online services and to take online payments with a minimum of effort and fuss.

Local Authorities such as Coleraine Borough Council, have seen that improving customer service and access through use of the Online Portal provides enormous benefit to customers and to the organisation, including decreased stationery and postage costs, reduced administrative time spent on data entry and payment processing, as well as improved turnaround times and levels of service.

Valerie Shields, Business Support and Adminstration Manager at the Council said ‘ Implementing Tascomi’s online portal was a crucial business decision for us, as we endeavour to streamline our service to citizens and reduce costs. With more services to be offered online in the near future, we are fully confident of the improvements in service delivery which shall be achieved.’

“In 2011, more than 150 million calls were classed as “avoidable” and “costly for government”

Tascomi Managing Director, Dr Richard Martin said ‘With the Government Digital Strategy Report acknowledging that most people in the UK “rarely” use online government services, we are delighted that so many of our local authority customers in Northern Ireland are availing of this innovative yet fundamental software, which is bringing such significant savings particularly at this difficult time economically’

The potential for further online services remains huge and Tascomi are at the forefront of enabling online services for citizens.