Tascomi believe that it is important, especially over the festive season, to remember that not everyone is as fortunate as we are. We each face difficulties in our own lives, but these can be put into perspective when compared to the trials faced by others in our local community.

As a local company, we wanted an opportunity to give back. Collectively we can make a difference – and we will! 

Over the past few weeks we have been collecting food items in order to support Storehouse.

Storehouse exists to encourage dignity & significance in those living in poverty, in and through the provisions of the basic essentials of life.


 Food donated by the Tascomi Team to Storehouse

Our team gave generously over the last month towards Storehouse’s food donations and this week we had the opportunity to deliver the food directly to the Storehouse Centre in Castle Arcade, Belfast. The staff and volunteers at Storehouse took the time to give us a tour of their premises and spoke to us about the great work which they undertake – food parcels are only a small part of their cause.

It was lovely to see how in partnership; businesses, schools and charities, across Northern Ireland, are willing to give generously their time, money and resources, to help provide opportunities for long term solutions, which see lives in our community dramatically changed.


Storehouse Centre: Adult and Children Clothing donations and Food Parcels

The History of Storehouse

Storehouse was launched from a small cupboard in Belfast in March 2008, with a very simple aim of demonstrating compassion and working towards a day where no one in the Greater Belfast area should have to go hungry.

Initially, Storehouse provided for 10 families each week. After a few short months Storehouse moved from that small cupboard to their existing warehouse in Dunmurry.

By 2010, Storehouse had grown, providing for approximately 40 families each week, establishing partnerships with close to 30 charities across the city. As the demand increased, several churches from various denominations caught Storehouse’s vision and joined in with the food collections. As a result, Storehouse (NI) was established as a standalone charity.

In 2011, Storehouse began to sense a real need and calling to provide more than food and so tentative steps were taken towards the provision of clothes, furniture and household goods alongside the food parcels. A dedicated space where more could be done than simply provide physical items; the Storehouse Centre was opened in Belfast City Centre in June 2012.

At the Storehouse Centre, referrals are received from all the partnering charities and Storehouse volunteers are able to sit with those individuals, hear their story over a coffee and provide food, clothes and furniture with the utmost dignity and respect. Today, Storehouse are providing over 120 food parcels, seeing 80 referrals in the Storehouse Centre and making around 10 furniture deliveries, every week, whilst partnering with over 130 charities and agencies across the city and working alongside 50+ churches, schools and businesses.

Click here to find out more about Storehouse, or the many ways you could get involved.

We look forward to getting involved in other aspects of Storehouse’s work in the future.