Tascomi partnered with Banbridge District Council to develop a Web based GIS system

Tascomi are proud to launch their Web based GIS system, Te-Map.  The system has been designed so it’s easy to use, for all levels of users, and is specific to the needs of Northern Ireland local authorities.

Te-Map is part of the Te-Gov product range and can be integrated and embedded into any of the products within the range.  By creating an ‘Open’ product, users will now be able view a location of a premise or application or even plot complaints all at the click of a button.

Tascomi worked with Banbridge District Council on the project and so far Te-Map has been linked to the Council’s customer care system, Te-Care, which will allow users to run reports over specific periods and in relation to specific issues and view the location of these via the GIS system.  Tascomi are continuing to work with the Council on integrating Te-Map into other back office systems such as Te-Environment and the corporate LPG.

“Te-Map adds another element to Tascomi’s portfolio and will allow us too easily and cost effectively integrate GIS into any of our products” comments Emma Derby, Tascomi Ltd’s Service Manager (Solutions).  “In the past many organisations have found GIS daunting to use and as a result it has remained in the hands of a knowledgeable few.  Tascomi offer Te-Map as a Managed Service, thus allowing all sections of the Council to use GIS to its full potential without the need for GIS experts in every department.”

GIS as a Managed Service is available to all sectors and organisation that need GIS but do not have the internal resources.  Tascomi will set up and maintain key elements of the GIS system and produce easy to use functionality within the system to ensure that users get the information they need without any prior GIS experience.

For further information on our GIS solution email: moc.imocsatnull@ofni

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